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Filming our new Conservatory Makeover TV advert with Anna Ryder Richardson

Filming our new Conservatory Makeover TV advert with Anna Ryder Richardson

August has been an exciting month for Tile Your Conservatory, we transformed conservatories across the country into cosy, relaxing living spaces, we had a fantastic weekend at Southport Flower show meeting lots of people with conservatories in desperate need of some TYC TLC and most excitingly we spent some time in a lovely little town in Wales filming our new conservatory makeover TV advert with Anna Ryder Richardson.

With the growing popularity of conservatory roof replacements and the glowing response we are seeing to Tile Your Conservatories tiled roof replacements we decided it was time to call in our long time brand ambassador, Anna Ryder Richardson to shoot a new TV Advert, showing what we can do to transform your conservatory in to a true extension of your home, comfortable all year round, rain or shine.

Anna Revealing the conservatory

The concept

Upon deciding to shoot a new TV advert for Tile Your Conservatory we spent a lot of time discussing various ideas and concepts for the ads format but we always ended up coming back to why we know and love Anna Ryder Richardson, BBC’s DIY, home improvement favourite, Changing rooms! Anna was one of the interior designers on the show, famous for her bubbly personality and bold interior design choices.

We decided it would be fun to re-create the most exciting part of every episode of Changing rooms, the big reveal! Contestants on the show would finally get to see what their friends or neighbours had done to transform a room in their home with the help of the shows interior designers.

We love to see the excitement on a customers face once our expert installers have reinvigorated their conservatory, not only transforming it in to a living space that can be enjoyed all year round without the usual pit falls of a traditional conservatory but also giving it a fresh new look with our composite slate tiles that highlight the handsome character of slate and at the same time enhance your conservatory roof’s performance through innovative design. So we decided to share that moment, with Anna Ryder Richardson revealing a converted conservatory to two excited customers.

Shooting the ad

We picked a conservatory we were due to convert in the hills of the Welsh countryside, nestled away off a windy, country road. The property was surrounded by farm land with the sound of baaing sheep and hooting wood pigeons in the distance forming a natural backing track to the customers beautiful, country side garden.

The film crew arrived bright and early to set up and prepare for the day. They built a ‘jib’ in the garden to get some aerial shots of the newly tiled conservatory roof. Dollys were set up to allow for smooth, sweeping shots of the conservatory from the ground. A drone whizzed overhead to make sure they could get shots of the tiled roof from every angle to really show off the expert workmanship carried out by one of our experienced fitting teams. The garden was buzzing with energy, the entire crew excited to get started with what was set to be a fun, productive day.

Once everything was set up and ready to go, the lovely Anna Ryder Richardson arrived on set to get things started. The first shot of the day saw Anna stood in front of the newly converted conservatory discussing the benefits of Tile Your Conservatories innovative C.H.R.I.S.® system, utilizing the only insulation on the market designed specifically with conservatories in mind.

Next on the cards was the big reveal, the excited couple, anxious to see their newly transformed conservatory stood by Anna’s side, blindfolds covering their eyes, ‘Okay guys, 3, 2, 1… and here’s your new look conservatory!’, off came the blindfolds as the couple stepped back and looked on in awe at their new conservatory roof, excited to see that their conservatory was finally a cosy, inviting space that they could use year round to sit and relax looking out over their wonderful garden and beautifully crafted fishpond in the centre. ‘Wow’, ‘it looks amazing!’ they exclaimed with glee on their face, finally they can enjoy their conservatory, whatever the weather.

The filming of the ad took all day, we were lucky enough to enjoy blue skies, dotted with white, fluffy clouds for most of the day, an hour or so of drizzle put things on hold for a while but it wasn’t long before the sun was shining on us again, bouncing off the tiled roof, really showing off the capabilities of our ConservaHeat true aluminium quilt as the conservatory sat at comfortable temperature all day how ever hot we were getting outside.

Upshaw Converted Conservatory
Camera Jib
Camera Shot
Watching the shoot
Crew And Cast Photo

Watch out for our new TV advert

Our new conservatory make over TV advert is now live, you can catch us across multiple channels re-creating that big reveal moment from changing rooms and showing you how we can rescue your conservatory and transform it in to a living space suitable for whatever weather the skies decide to throw at it.

If you haven’t see the TV advert yet, we have added it to the bottom of this post so you can see what we created on that day.

Transform your conservatory

If you want to experience that same, exciting, big reveal moment, when our installation team has finished transforming your conservatory both inside and out, then look no further. Not only will Tile your conservatory give your conservatory a fresh new look, we will make it a cosy living space fit for relaxing all year round, rain or shine.

If you would like learn how we can transform your room into a cosy insulated conservatory follow the menu links above or fill in the form on this page and one of our helpful team members will be in touch.

What do our customers have to say

Great Product, Great Team

A very professional job by the team, from the salesman ( no hard sell )the team in the booking office and the installation team. A first class product, making our conservatory into a proper living space. No more hearing the rain on the roof, keeps cool when the sun shining and warm in colder temperatures. Last word on the installation team : The two lads were very professional, hard working, courteous, kept us in the loop what they were doing at each stage and cleaned up each day they were here. Great product, great team.

John – Trustpilot

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